"Here are tonight's starting lineups..."

I suck at my job. Otherwise I would have known that Jim Martin was leaving his McCoy Stadium PA position.

This is crazy. Seventeen years! During my two summers of soda jerk employment at the park, the phrase "It's time for tonight's Citgo hot seat quiz game!" burned itself into my brain... And the Mighty Molar soft toss intro... and the slippery concourse warnings...

I will admit that during the last few games, Martin seemed to be phoning it in a little. I chalked it up to his being overextended. You only notice those little flaws when there's been near perfection all along.

I wonder who will replace him? CAN anyone do it? You have to know how to pronounce "Yamaico".

And "Pawtucket". If Jonathan Van Every can pronounce it properly, then the PA person had better be able to.

It would be cool if they hired a lady.

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