This season, all the Pawtucket uniforms will have a patch on the sleeve that says 'BEN' in honor of Ben Mondor. This will officially be the coldest and most heartbreaking opening day I've ever attended. It's killing me that Jim Martin won't be the PA guy for this. I know he retired, but can't he do this one last thing? FOR ME?

Jorge Jimenez was released. Remember him from last year? Me, not really. He was like a phantom. Sure, I penciled his name in the lineup day after day, but he lacked any sizzle or snap. Forgettable.

Lenny Dinardo's out, too, but who needs all that when you have the unstoppable lefty power of Rich Hill? I'm sure Hill's not thrilled about being sent down, but I'll be glad to see him.

It's getting close...

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