Brian Daubach is number 20!

I get stupid, I mean outrageous. Brian Daubach is a first baseman who played in 103 Pawtucket games: Nine games in 1999, one game in 2001, and 93 games in 2004. 2004, hmm, why does that year stick out for me?

2004 - Daubach was signed as a free agent by Boston after he went and played for Chicago and stuff. He spent most of the season in Pawtucket and hit 21 home runs in 93 games. Daubach shared his first base time with Earl Snyder. I am atremble with nostalgia and yearning.

Daubach was second on the team that year in OPS and RBI and number one in IBB, because his power was so frightening.

Two things:
1. Daubach did not expect to be sent to Pawtucket in '04, but Boston wanted a third catcher (Andy Dominique). "I was surprised. Probably for the first time in my career it snuck up on me," Daubach said. - source
2. "Daubach was voted a half share for the 30 games that he played in 2004 before being designated for assignment on June 6 to Triple-A Pawtucket. He will get a World Series ring." - Sun Sentinal

If you want to press your boobs up against Daubach's mural, get yourself to the middle portion of the first base tower.

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