McCoy Mural #21: Manny Delcarmen

How can you resist Manny's luscious pout? The dark, hot chocolate eyes? I'll bet the girls chase him plenty! I think I'll call him and hang up when he answers.

Manny Delcarmen is a righty reliever who pitched in 45 games from 2005-2007. I thought maybe he started a few games, but ding dong, I'm wrong. MANNY DELCARMEN DID NOT START A SINGLE GAME IN PAWTUCKET!!! Maybe I am thinking of Papelbon.

In '05, Delcarmen put up a tidy 1.29 ERA through 21 relief innings. He had two saves.

Next season, Delcarmen started off in Pawtucket, but was only there for about a month before being called up. He had 19 K's though ten games.

In 2007, Delcarmen set up deep camp in Pawtucket, pitching in 20 games. Half of them were closerish appearances. His strikeout/walk ratio was 6.24. Are you surprised? I am. Especially since he was hanging out with noted failure Craig Hansen.

And through all of that, Manny Delcarmen gave up only one home run. Remarkable.

Two things:
1. Read this story again, please, because it's terrific. RJ smacks up Delcarmen! Stinko de Mayo!
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite TV Show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Favorite Movie: Bad Boys 1 and 2
Favorite Musical Artist: Eminem
Favorite Video Game: baseball games
Favorite Celebrity: Will Ferrell
Favorite Hobby: candlepin bowling
Favorite City: Toronto
Favorite Sports Moment: Making my dream come true and pitching at Fenway Park for the Red Sox
Favorite Athlete: Pedro Martinez
Best Friend in Baseball: Charlie Zink and Craig Hansen

Says here that Manny Delcarmen's image is not yet a McCoy reality, so I have no location for it. Except for that little spot he has in my heart.


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