everything is easy

It's official. I have booked my Super Secret International League Vacation. Some people know where I am going. Most do not. People who know must not let on to anyone in the PawSox organization or any of the local media because I am planning something... Explosive. Let's just say this trip will be... The Bomb. What I'm saying is I expect my vacation will be... Dynamite. Excuse me while I listen to the Def Leppard CD containing the hit track "Photograph".

Also, expect me at the Welcome Back Luncheon at Rhode Island's most lame banquet venue. They should have it at a bar, so people can REALLY enjoy themselves. I'm only going because Bill Lee will be there. I'll bet he's got a flask! I'll bet he's the least stoned person in the facility, too!

In many ways, I am the most famous person in Rhode Island.

Oh! Oh! Is Jose Iglesias coming to Pawtucket? That would be enough for me. He can erase the memories of Travis Denker and Edgar Martinez and Chad Spann and Kris Johnson. I saw him on TV and they said he'd only started learning English a year ago. And he is just fucking nailing it. You take a foreign language for 365 days and let's see what your proficiency is. Not even close, Bud.


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