February is short, but long.

Here are some non-roster guys who you will probably see in Pawtucket. In 2009, one of them was Brad Wilkerson, who played two games with the PawSox and then quit. Said he was retiring but then next season agreed to a minor league contract with Philadelphia.

2009 was the year that Wilkerson, Chris Carter, Jeff Bailey, and some other guy were all vying for that final benchy/DH/1B/corner OF spot with Boston. It went to Carter and Jeff Bailey was all pouty and childish about it. If you're a baseball player, the game's a business when you're aiming for more money or a roster spot. When things don't go your way, it's personal.

Digression over. Rich Hill and Brandon Duckworth, who we all loved on the PawSox last year, are among the living. And Alex Hassan, if you care about Alex Hassan.

Ross Ohlendorf
Mauro Gomez
Jesse Carlson
Justin Thomas
Aaron Cook...

This is way too boring. And I even took a major hiatus, during which I quit my job that I hated!

JC Linares is back, too, and his time in Pawtucket was way too short. With Crawford down, maybe he's a little more interesting.

Sorry I've been away so long. I won't let you down again.

Now let's go smoke some cigarettes!

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