Hunter Jones' first name is 'David'.

Not sure how I missed this, but Hunter Jones is back with the org. And probably headed back to Pawtucket, which is great news for someone like me. Welcome back to Rhode island, Hunter! It's sure great to WTF I DON'T GET IT I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY WHY WHY!!!!??

Let me catch you up: After '09, Jones was traded to the Marlins... Jeremy Hermida was involved somehow. He injured his elbow, was released, had Tommy John, rehabbed in 2011, played in Venezuela. And now he is so desirable that the Red Sox picked him up. Yup.

Someone on a Seminole forum talked to Jones last year and if you read the interview, you'll notice it includes links to videos of Hunter Jones working out, rehabbing-pitcher style. I watched a couple. I was not 100% comfortable seeing Jones squatting and lifting and sweating and stuff.

This whole things feels weird. We'll see what happens.

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