I should probably just call this "Stadium Journey's List of the Best AAA Ballparks".

Ordinarily, when I get emails from people asking me to link to their sites or put little ads up, I don't even respond. That is because the content DOES NOT AT ALL RELATE to what I am doing here. I don't want anything to do with ticket resellers, selling memorabilia, like, sports poker drafting, football heroes, whatever.

That being said, this list of AAA's best ballparks is right up my alley. In this instance, Every 1's a Winner! (Sorry.)

Number one on the 30-park list is the IronPigs park, which I am visiting this June. McCoy Stadium is number 21: "In some places, the stadium is the star. Others, it's the product on the field. If you're lucky, you might get both; if you're unlucky, you get neither. More often than not, you land somewhere in the middle. McCoy Stadium, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, falls into that middle category."

The comment about the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees (Excuse me, Empire State Yankees)just kills me: "The lower box seats are green, while the seats well down the lines and in the upper deck are orange. They look to be recycled from an old major league field. They are mislabeled in many places, leading to confusion over which seat is really yours." Of all the minor league teams in the world, the AAA Yankees are the Charlie-Browniest.

Aside from McCoy, I have been to seven out of the thirty. I'd better get cracking! Maybe I can do two this year? Who wants to come with me? If I don't see a game soon, I am going to die.

In a related story, I will soon be going to see the Nationals at whatever their ballpark is called. Very soon. What I am saying is, I'm moving to Washington.

Not really. But I am driving down there in less than 20 days so I can see some former Chiefs. I hope it doesn't rain!

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