As a woman I was taught to always be hungry.

Could not help but notice last night that the Pawtucket press box was a total bro-fest.Well, that's not exactly what I mean. "Bro-fest" does not express a complete absence of ladies.

I should have said that the McCoy Stadium press box is an exclusionary crate of dicks.

Is there no Peggy Olson in all the land that can warp a box score into a boring sports recap? I do it all the time.

All the IL radio guys are just that: Guys.

I'm sure there are a limited amount of female candidates, and that's just the way it goes and I understand that. It's just that I look up there and it's like 1954.

Do you know that I thought about going up there and banging on the door?

When I was at the ballpark in Allentown, my new friends told me to get a press pass the next time I came. I said there was no way they would give me one and they couldn't believe it. They told me, yes, I could absolutely get one and to just let them know.

This knocked me out. I felt more welcome as a Visitor than I've ever felt at Home.

DLIPB, I suppose.

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