4.9.2014 Red Sox v Chiefs - Steven Souza is Not From East Providence

Syracuse takes the last game of the series 7-0 behind a remarkable performance by lefty Danny Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum pitched six innings, got a couple of outs in the seventh, and threw 92 pitches overall. He only gave up two hits, a couple of singles. No big whoop.

Starter for Pawtucket was Anthony Ranaudo, who got the loss. Ranaudo pitched 5 2/3, gave up five runs on seven hits. Chiefs center fielder Steven Souza Jr really like Ranaudo and showed his appreciation with a three-run homer in the third inning. Souza had five RBI overall, so he gets all the beer. He probably was not on drugs but who knows.

Syracuse relievers Manny Delcarmen and Ryan Mattheus kept the balance of the game scoreless for their pal Danny.

Pawtucket relievers Rich Hill and Dalier Hinojosa gave up a run apiece. Hill appeared to have trouble finding the strike zone at times. Alex Wilson pitched the ninth inning.

two things:
1. "The story of Souza, who went to high school in Everett, is a cautionary baseball tale repeated again and again in many sports. Seeking an advantage, he used a performance-enhancing drug and was caught. He fell out of the game he loved and jeopardized his career." - Steven Souza was an overall jackass and failed a drug test and quit baseball, but the grace of God turned his career around.

2. Corey Brown struck out three times. Justin Henry got no hits and for an infielder he makes a great outfielder.

Pawtucket's in Buffalo now. More on that tomorrow.

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