Because I know you're worried about this.

In case you needed a Connecticut Defenders update, here it is.

I went to a Defenders game last night and they lost. Big deal, right? Well, the team's not doing so well. The stadium capacity is about 6,000 and the crowd last night was just over 2K. I was chatting with Ed the Friendly Usher and he said they've not been drawing, really. I think I know what the problem is:

1. Are there really that many SF Giants fans in New England? Are there still some residual NY Giants fans who can't let go?
2. The stadium is in an industrial park. You cannot see it from the street. I LIKE it when you're going to a game and as you get near the park, you can see the bright toothbrush lights poking out through the trees. It's much less cool to approach a ballpark going past squat, gray businesses with names like DynaGoCorps and CompuWest and Alloyed Metal Solutions.
3. This is kind of a radical theory, but here goes: the area is too high-income.

At the end of the game, the announcer said, "Please tell a friend what a good time you had tonight seeing the Connecticut Defenders."

Friends, I had a great time at the game. The pizza there is surprisingly good. It was a nice night for an evening. There's ample parking. And they have the craziest clock above the scoreboard. Go, team, go.

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