she could steal but she could not rob

I did two bad things at Fenway Thursday night.

The first thing is that I paid for parking. You have to understand something. I never, EVER pay for parking. I would sooner park in Brookline and walk the 2.5 miles than pay $30-$90 dollars for a 5'X 12' patch of asphalt. But it was something of an occasion and I got there a little late and the secret little road I sometimes park on was horsed off. I'm sorry, I blacked out.

The second thing is... I spilled beer on someone on my way back to my seat. So awkward and shameful.

By the way, a big F-YOU to the medicated woman sitting near me who said, "Going home to beddy-bye? Gotta work tomorrow?" as I was heading to the restroom between innings. I'm sorry about the head trauma, sweetheart, but please don't talk to me.

By the way, Pizza Man in Cumberland, RI has the best Greek-style pizza around. Plus it's oblong!

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