I'm not braggin' on myself, baby.

I haven't been doing too much Pawtucket Red Sox stuff lately. It's mostly because I'm lazy and irresponsible.

I've also been wondering if PawSox players ever Google themselves. And that makes me feel kind of bad. Especially when it comes to Ken Huckaby, because I've frequently pointed out how useless he is.

Conversely, other players may be frightened and disturbed by some of my leering observations. One of these days, Tim Bausher (a mediocre, unreliable relief pitcher) is going to overhear me saying, "YEAH, baby, WORK IT! Shake that thing!" as he walks past me on the way to the bullpen. That is unprofessional and inappropriate. And it detracts from my feminine credibility.

I am going to try and refrain from commenting on players' physical attributes in future game summaries. As much as I'd like to Rank the PawSox In Order of Hotness, I won't do it.

There was a program on Spike TV last night about the insanity of sports fans. Johnny Damon and Curt Schilling were featured. As it turns out, Curt Schilling is afraid of us. He probably should be. I've seen the way some fans behave. And I'm probably in the minority, but I feel bad for guys like Schilling and Manny and other superstars.

Okay, gotta run.


Baseball Diva said...

It'll detract from you credibilty as a female fan if you don't comment on the attractiveness (or not) of players. It's part of the lure of the game.

Jenks said...

Thanks. I'll take that into consideration.