JS jumps the shark.

Yeah, that's right!

Remember how I won a major award? Well, I made a quick phone call to the airline and threw out the phrase "Green Love". I'm going to Petco Park!

Listen to this: I called the park to get tickets the other day, not knowing what would be available. As it turned out, I could have sat anywhere in the park. WHAT? It's the last homestand of the year! And last I checked, the Padres are still contenders. Yet, on a Saturday night, I was able to get seats right above the home dugout. Does that seem strange to you? Is no one going to Petco?

I've never been to California before, either. It's gonna be good. Yes? No?

I'm going to Peabody, Mass for a couple of days. That's weird.

PS Fucking Detroit Tigers. I am so thrilled for them. If they don't make it to the WS, I don't know what.

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Kim said...

I've only been to LA. To attend a post wedding party for one of my best friends and my ex-boyfriend. It was kind of weird to be at such a gala since I lived with this guy for 3 years. They hooked up at my wedding. And I'll be divorced in 2 weeks. So, like, my California experience was weird, at best. Okay, you now know way more about me than you probably need to.

I will say that I didn't like LA at all. The city didn't have much of a sense of humor. And everyone was, I dunno, trying too hard or something.