If I have to hear "Centerfield" one more time.

What I did know about Brooksie's Pub: It's great on St Pat's, it has an above average beer selection, it's friendly, it's reasonably priced, the patrons are somewhat normal.

What I did not know about Brooksie's Pub: they have a SLAMMIN' pizza there. I don't know if I was just drunk or whatever, but I swear. I got a pepperoni and garlic. Thin crust. Hell, yeah.

The funny thing is I was sitting at the bar with my longtime "sister" and some guy in baseball pants, half drunk, sidles up to me and says, "You wanna come play softball? We need another girl."

I could have said yes. I had my glove in the car. I probably should have done it. But I was a little tired and sort of intent on drinking and watching the game. Which sucked, right? And the other TV was showing the stupid Yankees game.

At approximately three a.m., I barfed up all the pizza and Narragansett I'd consumed at Brooksie's. That's Brooksie's Pub, Smithfield Ave, Lincoln, RI.

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