Is MLB's National League the last of the professional leagues to have pitchers hit?

I've been to rashes of minor league games and all of them have the DH. I do not know what the case is in college. I do know that it seems odd and antiquated when I watch NL games. I worry about pitchers getting zinged in the hand/elbow/shoulder/ankle zones, although I probably shouldn't.

A lot of the oldsters dislike the DH. I can understand that. It's a major change. I would probably react the same way if MLB came up with some wacky new rule in my lifetime.

I wonder how hardcore NL fans would feel if they switched over to a DH lineup? I bet I know! I bet they'd go nuts! Especially Phillies fans. Yow!


Jere said...

I love the DH. To me, watching a pitcher bat is like watching two telephone poles debate over which is the better bakpack--Eastpak or Jansport.

Jenks said...

Don't call it a comeback.