How to lose $500 in one night.

Um, I'm kind of all set with Fenway for now. I do have the Futures Game coming later this summer, but that's it. I was at the A's game the other night and yes, I had a good time. But holy crap, I might as well have strewn 20's on my living room floor and then vacuumed them up with all the crumbs and cat hair.

Since I'm a horrible jinx, Boston lost. But it's kind of okay because I like Oakland a lot. And if you needed yet another reason to love Mike Lowell... his at-bat song is "London Calling" by the Clash.

Tonight I'm off to see those Pawtucket crumb-bums play the heavenly Charlotte Knights. I had my choice of excellent seats but I stupidly chose to sit on the first base side. With the kids and the screaming. Eh, could be worse. Could be raining.

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