Bobby Scales must find an apartment.

Bobby Scales has been signed by the Cubs. Bobby Scales played every position except pitcher/catcher last year. He was great and could have won team MVP if not for Brandon Moss. He will be missed. By me. And maybe Mike Tamburro.

Scales led the team in triples with nine.

Kevin Cash faked me out and is returning to Bostucket. I was all for getting rid of Mirabelli but Dougie did not exactly get paid last year. So... looks like I may end up getting a double shot of Led Zeppelin at McCoy, since both Cash and Bailey used them for at-bat songs.

But, yeah, let's kill Doug Mirabelli.


Anonymous said...

don't be hatin' on Dougie

Royal Rooters said...

I wonder if Mirabelli and Cash will compete for the backup spot in Spring Training...

By the way, I'm just starting a new blog.


Check it out if you've got some time and let me know if you'd want to exchange links.