December 8th

There is much going on this day. The bulk of Red Sox tickets are going on sale, McCoy's got the XMAS party with Meet the New People, Xmas at Fenway (I think).

I can't deny my excitement over Johan "JS" Santana. I mean... I love him. And not just because he's a great pitcher! Okay, it's pretty much only because of the Cy Young caliber pitching. But still. Santana in Boston and Katy bar the door.

At some point I'll do the "Most Fascinating Baseball Experiences of 2007 Alive As Experienced By Baseball Heavy". I don't want to give too much away, but don't be surprised if "Johan Santana Pitches Complete Game Shutout at Shea" is number one. Because that was awesome.

Also, Pawtucket Red Sox tickets go on sale on Saturday. I can't wait. I may wear a Santa Claus hat.

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