Tim Bausher is tenacious.

Have you ever heard of the Berkshire Black Bears? No? I haven't either, but when former Quakertown Blazer Tim Bausher was released by the Mariners back in '03, he wound up playing for them. That's what happens sometimes, you play in an independent league if you've otherwise got nothing going on.

Independent leagues seldom get scouted, so if you're a former big leaguer who has hit a tough spot, you need to stay in touch. Call and let them know, hey, if you ever need a guy... I read about that somewhere. Tim Bausher played one game with the Black Bears and had his contract purchased by Milwaukee. Eventually, he made his way to Pawtucket.

So what happened after Pawtucket '06? The Reds, then the Rockies, who cut him after spring training camp. He wound up back in the Can-Am League, pitching for the Nashua Pride. The Royals bought him out of there in June of '07, stuck him on their AAA team where he sucked, then released him. Bausher returned to the Nashua Pride. No word on his plans for the future, but good luck!

Bausher alleges that his good friend Marc Deschenes said he'd also be interested in re-joining the Nashua Pride. They should also probably call up Mike Lockwood and Jim Buckley.

"Oh I forgot to mention I went to college with Tim Bauser in Kutztown. Cool guy. He was in one of my science classes and I hung out with him at a few parties. We started the same year and man is he tall. I met him freshman year and I thought he was a senior. He must have been 6'5 210 freshman year."

Man, is he tall!

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