9.1.09 Red Sox @ Iron Pigs - Geez, get a room already, you two!

Lehigh Valley wins, 3-2. Kyle Kendrick goes seven plus for the Iron Pigs and gets the win.

As a matter of fact, it looked like Pawtucket was going to be shut out AGAIN, but the eighth inning rolled around and Bubba Bell hit a two-run triple. JIGGA WHAT? Yes. Mark Wagner could have driven in Bell from third, I suppose, but he flew out instead to end the inning.

Adam Mills started for Pawtucket. Mills only pitched four innings, but he was up to 85 pitches and there's your Red Sox Organizational Philosophy. I know it's developmental, but this year especially... you might as well go to an AFL game.

i'll drink to that!
1. Bubba Bell batted home Gil Velazquez and Angel Chavez. Chavez had doubled. It was awesome.
2. Big Brett Myers pitched the ninth inning and shut the PawSox down. It must have been so easy. He was probably thinking about his post-game plans the whole time.
3. Dustin Richardson had a killer relief appearance, going two full with no base runners and three strikeouts.
4. McBeth also pitched two relief innings and held the I-Pigs scoreless. I will miss him when he goes.
5. Bates and Denker also doubled.

I'll be at the park tonight... Compton, Long Beach, Englewood. With my jeans on and my team strong.

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