This is not double A.

I noticed the occasional Homer Simpson yelp during some of the latter Pawtucket games this summer. You know... the visiting pitcher throws over to first to keep the runner honest (you have to kind of imagine that the PawSox had real, actual baserunners this summer) and suddenly you hear "BO-RING!" over the PA.

Don't do that. That's something they do at Defenders games. Don't lower yourself like that, McCoy Stadium.

Durham Bulls take game 1 of the Governor's Cup Finals v Yankees.


Anonymous said...

its bad enough the play sweet caroline

Jere said...

She wasn't talking about the people that runt he stadium, but the fans themselves.

Aynway, I think this is a reflection of our Right Now society. Yankee fans are the worst at it--pitcher throws to first, Booooo, pitcher steps off, booooo, pitcher fakes to second, boooooooo. These are the same people who REALLY boo when their own team is intentionally walked. And cheer an opponent's grounder that gets the runner over like it's any other out. aka Everybody. I've said it before, and, sadly, I'll say it again: I'm moving to Canada.

Jere said...

run the, not runt he.

Jenks said...

I really was talking about the people who run the stadium.

It's bad enough I have to endure some crappy Black-eyed Peas song... don't play stupid sound clips from Disney movies during game play. This is prevalent at the lower minor league levels... breaking glass, Burns' 'Excellent!', D'oh!... I don't need a soundtrack to pit hes and at-bats.