9.4.09 PawSox v Syracuse Chiefs

7-3 Chiefs. Sky Chiefs. Nationals. Whatever.

This game is notable only because Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched. I'll bet everyone in the park left at the same time he did.

Aside from a few decent relievers, have you ever seen a bigger bunch of scrubs than the Pawtucket Red Sox this year? I was at a game the other night and it was such a BASEBALL MOCKERY OF A SHAM that I left. I was bored.

Seriously. Jeff Natale? Bubba Bell? Dusty Brown? Gil Velazquez? TJ Large? Travis Denker? Who dey?

Aaron Bates proved to be boring after being a monster in double-A. Kris Johnson was crap. Mark Wagner, a letdown. Bailey, downhill. Bowden, too many walks. Charlie Zink, weak.

Marcus McBeth was cool, I guess. And... no, I think that's all. McBeth. Good work, my friend.

Right now, Pawtucket is 58-81. Tonight is the last home game. Losing it would be par for the course.

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