September 2nd, 2009: Pawtucket Red Sox (BOS) v Rochester Red Wings (MIN)

Pawtucket WINS! 7-6.

Here's what happened: Enrique Gonzalez pitched okay, Chris Carter hit a three-run homer, Sean Danielson went 2-4 with a double. Gonzalez also benefited from snappy defense, in spite of Angel Chavez having the night off.

TJ Large almost blew it, but Fernando Cabrera bailed him out. A 7-2 lead turned into a 7-6 game in the ninth.

Good crowd. Kids are in school.

1. First inning: Red Wings go down in order. Denker makes a pair of neat plays by the stands. For Pawtucket, Natale leads off with a double to center. Pawtucket does not score.
2. Second inning: Brock Peterson doubles, but that's it. Travis Denker hits a ball to deep center with Wagner on base, but the ball is caught by Pridie and turned into a double play. Or is it? Denker does not buy it and neither do I! It sure looked like the ball may have hit the grass before the glove. JASON.
3. Third: Matt Macri singles, that's all. Danielson doubles, Natale singles, and Bubba Bell hits an RBI single. Lowrie strikes out swinging and starts giving the umpire hell, even though he is really just rehabbing so who cares. RJ comes out and takes care of business. Chris Carter bats next and homers and it's all too beautiful.
4. All batters go down in order.
5. Brock Peterson triples to center. Bubba Bell hits the wall hard and crumples to the ground. I knew he was okay. Sac fly by Dustin Martin brings Peterson home, and then Matt Macri solo homers. For Pawtucket, Danielson singles and moves to second on an error, but he's left flapping in the breeze by his teammmates.
6. Juan Morillo in for Jones. Morillo walks Carter, walks Wagner, and the runners advance on a wild pitch. Denker flies to center and Carter scores. 5-2 Pawtucket.
7. Hunter Jones comes in. Jose Lugo comes in. Chris Carter hits an RBI single. 6-2 Pawtucket.
8. Bates hit by pitch, Denker walks. Natale singles home Aaron Bates. 7-2 Pawtucket.
9. TJ Large at the control panel. Single, single, RBI single. Single. Strikeout. Fernando Cabrera is warming up. Fernando Cabrera replaces Large. Pridie hits a two-run single, but Cabrera gets Matt Tolbert to strike out swinging. Way too close. My heart can't take it.

I know you want more but you'll have to wait.


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