9.6.09 Pawtucket @ Syracuse

12-5 PawSox. Hang on, let me check that again... yes, 12-5.

Lefty Jack Spradlin was the somewhat unfortunate starter for Syracuse. Spradlin only pitched 4 innings. And it's not like his pitch count was astronomical, either (67 pitches). I think it's that he's a reliever. That's my guess. Spradlin gave up three runs on five hits.

Syracuse's bullpen was a big problem. Josh Wilkie coughed up a pair of runs, Yunior Novoa was responsible for three, and Zechry Zinicola gave up four. This all happened in seven innings.

Adam Mills start wasn't a Christmas miracle, either. Mills went five (classic Pawtucket shift for a starter) and the Chiefs got nine hits off him, converting them to four runs. Hunter Jones gave up another run because he can't help it, and Fernando Cabrera pitched the last inning perfectly. Five runs usually means a Pawtucket loss, but who knows what the hell happened?

Pawtucket offense: The following dudes had doubles - Bailey, Denker, Danielson, and Lowrie. JED Lowrie? Ha! Lowrie had to go to Syracuse!

The following dudes had two RBI: Bailey, Lowrie, Wagner and Danielson. I know Danielson is probably off to a hot start, but this is a guy who was shunted in favor of guys like Freddie Guzman and Chris Duncan and Bubba Bell. CRIMINAL.

The following dudes had three hits: Dusty Brown and Travis Denker. The following dudes grounded into double plays: Bailey and Wagner.

too few to mention:
1. Aaron Bates played left field and had an assist. If you say that fast, it sounds like you're saying he had a cyst.
2. Jeff Bailey led off and played first. For old time's sake.
3. Jed Lowrie made an error.
4. Angel Chavez DNP.
5. Forgot to mention the other night that Chiefs infielder Ian Desmond was wicked nice to the kids at McCoy and is handsome and debonair.
6. This was game one of a double header.

Tonight! Enrique. All you need to know, sweetheart.


sdc said...

Perfect description, except to mention the woman who was heading out before the end of the game to check out MC Hammer's performance across town at the State Fair (Don't hurt me!).

The game was exceptionally well played for the first four innings. There were diving catches made by players on both side. After that it got kind of silly as players were caught in run downs, lots of balls were dropped, and after throwing a ball in the dirt that was stopped by the Chief's catcher, their pitcher proceeded to through one in the dirt that the catcher couldn't stop, enabling a run to score.

My daughter got Jed Lowrie and Bubba Bell's autographs. We felt great about that until Lowrie made the error.

Also worth noting in the tragedy department is that Jeff Bailey was the "Taco Bell K-Man" of the game, which means that if he struck out every person in the stadium could get a free taco at their local Taco Bell. Sadly, his third time up, J.B. wiffed. The crowd loved him for it though.

Overall, it was a fun night and a nice chance to see the Sox do some hitting.

Jenks said...

Thanks so much for the summary!

Jeff Bailey is a great choice for a K-Man, since he is prone to... K's.