Chris Carter Scouting Report (2005)

"Strong kid with loads of BS. Intense player. Massive hips and thighs. Large chest and sloped shoulders. Resembles a heavier Brian Giles. Body will only get worse over time. Not very athletic, limps around whether or not he is injured. Generates tremendous whip and batspeed in swing. Back elbow up and rocks with front shoulders for timing, wraps a bit but bs bails him out.

Bars. Never looks esp. comft. in box. Body drifts ahead of hds but but again he's quick enuf to get thru. Can put wood on any FB. 70 raw power. Can hit ball out to all fields without centering it. First pitch swinger who looks FB. No chance against even avg breaking ball. Doesn't see offspd well out of hand. Inability to hit breaking ball will be achilles heal. At best power will play as strong avg, just has too many holes and flaws in approach to see it playing near his raw. Pitchers who can throw strikes will eat him alive. Anchored @ 1B from a defensive stanpoint as he's too
slow and doesn't throw well enuf to play in the OF any more. Not going to have the bat to play 1B. Will get every ounce out of limited talent and play harder than anyone in league.

Is a AAA bat for me who is good for 20+ HR w/not a lot of avg and a lot more K's as the pitching improves on the way up. Swing has too much going on to have value as power LH bat off bench, rarely see complicated swings w/bench big league bats."

These scouting reports kill me. I hate to reveal my source, but fair's fair and here you go.


Jere said...

Flogged again last night. Says it's the beergut. Beergut? I'll show her a beergut right in her face. Doesn't know how much I work out. How much I do for this fam. She should rake leaves for change. Will tie one on 2nite. THey cannot touch me. I am innocent goddam it.


Brad Mills' kid thinks he's Fernando Valenzuela.

Jenks said...

I think your scouting reports are far superior.

And sometimes, even I think I am Fernando Valenzuela.