June 19th: Columbus Clippers weigh anchor in Pawtucket

The Columbus Clippers are the AAA affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

1. RHP Collin Balestar: "6'5", 205. Struggled early on in Double A, his first experience there but caught on as the season progressed. Has an average fastball, plus curve and a below average change, a result of trying to throw it too hard. In line with the other two, Balester will start the season in Triple A and should hit Washington by the All Star break." (from Armchair GM)
2. There are others at lower levels who may come up at some point. But seriously.

Don't imagine you're too familiar:
1. LHP Mike Bacsik, INF William Bergolla, INF Yurendell de Caster, LHP Eude Brito, OF Jason Dubois, RHP Brian Sanches, 3B/OF Kory Casto, C Wil Nieves. Many of the same guys. God damn, how many freaking Clippers games did I see last year? And can I sit through even more mediocrity?
2. INF Ed Rogers! I loved him in Pawtucket!

"God, this sucks. I'm never getting called up":
1. Bret Boone! Dude, enough already.
2. Manny Alexander. Yes, THAT Manny Alexander.

In related news, the Clippers are getting a new ballpark in 2009. Oh, aren't we all? The new facilitah is going to be green! And accessible! YEAH!

I really don't know what the hell is going on with the Nationals. Odalis Perez is their number one and I think Nick "Fat Vampire" Johnson is still on the team.

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