Guns n' Roses

Not long ago, there wasn't much to say about Brandon Moss. Then all of a sudden he does the thing there with the bat over there. And he blows up like Cocoa Puffs.

Here're some blogs where's he's been spotted:

1. The Sixteenth Minute
2. Dan Shaughnessy Watch
3. beRecruited SportsWrap
4. Sox Addict
5. Sawx Blog
6. Sports by Sam
7. SOX & Dawgs
8. Londinium Project
9. McKeon and the Mongoose
10. The Foul Line
11. Boston Irish
12. Boston Blood Sox
13. Lyflines
14. Who Made You Mirabelli?
15. Respect the Tek
16. A Large Regular
17. The Bottom Line
18. Two of Us Talking Sports
19. Redbeard
20. Fenway West

And so on... I omitted a lot of the veteran blogs, but as you can see, Sean McAdam might have a little competition. I noticed a LOT of people were liveblogging the Japanese games. There really are a million little Red Sox blogs. Good luck, everyone.

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JacquelineC said...

Thanks for finding me. I hope to get to RI to see a PawSox game this summer. Newbie to many sports but what a great time to be a fan, eh?

Stop by again and please drop a comment to let me know when I've got something right or am being a knucklehead.

Go Bruins (on now...)