Take a hike, son.

Ten less at CoP:

Firstly and most importantly, Jeff Bailey, Bearded King of McCoy Stadium, has been sent to minor league camp. JB got 3 hits in 12 ABs. He walked twice and K'd 4 times. Oh, dear. (I had to compile these statistics on my own. WHAT NOW?!) Oh yeah, he was of course hit by a pitch.

Bailey hit a home run in his last game. Yahoo! Sports says it was off "C. Gomez", which would be Carlos Gomez who is not a pitcher. MLB has the more likely "M. Gomez", but there are no stats available for this mystery pitcher.

Never mind. It is LHP Mariano Javier Caballero Gomez! And he is from Honduras! I love Honduras! They donated money for Katrina aid. That is some generosity!

Edgar Martinez and David Pauley were optioned to Pawtucket.

Kyle Jackson and Argenis Diaz were sent to Portland. Oh, they hate that. The Portland weather really screwed with player stats last year.

Also sent to minor league camp: Mike Bowden, Hunter Jones (who is a blood-fisted killer), Justin Masterson, Tony Granadillo, and Gil Velazquez.

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