Dusty Brown: Handsome Like Jim Rice

Atomic Age catcher and subtle paint color Dusty Brown got chucked downstairs to Pawtucket. So that's it, then.

What needs to happen is an unregulated fist fight between Brown and Kottaras. Oh, god, I would almost feel bad about that. Blood everywhere... GK scampering home to California or wherever he's from.

Who catches more games at McCoy this year? They must, must get Brown in there.


Anonymous said...

Wow a fist fight for a place on the roster? What makes you think that it would be GK scampering back to cali.....? Not from Cali dude. If you were a real sox fan you would know that. They all work pretty hard to get where they are and its only a matter of time before GK is starting. Hes a young catcher with a hell of alot of talent.

Unknown said...

I'm not a real Sox fan.