Javier Lopez needs a date for his senior prom.

2009 is Javier Lopez's fourth year in this organization. And yet, who among us owns a Lopez t-shirt? I guess we can't all be Kevin Youkilis.

Lopez is pitching for Puerto Rico in the WBC. He spent parts of '06 and '07 in Pawtucket, hanging out in the bullpen and sharing his life with the other relievers. Let's see which other former PawSox are participating!

1. Bruce Chen - PANAMA! Chen started 15 games in Pawtucket back in '03. He may never die.
2. Alex Cora - Puerto Rico! AC played in 3 rehabbish games for Pawtucket last year. That counts, right?
3. Lenny Dinardo - ITALIA! Dinardo spent nearly all of 2005 in Pawtucket. It was then that I came to understand his inadequacy.
4. Ramiro Mendoza - PANAMA! Mendoza came out of the McCoy bullpen six times in 2004. I always had a soft spot for this kid. Pissed me off when he was booed during opening day intros at Fenway. That day my sister shouted, "IT WAS LAST YEAR, GET OVER IT!!"
5. Dustin Pedroia - USA. He was very exciting for me in 2006. You can read all about it in the dusty archives.
6. Matt Stairs - O, Canada! - Yes, Matt Stairs played for the PawSox many years ago (1995). He's got a lovely portrait on the McCoy Ramp of Champs.
7. Adam Stern - Canada! Stern was in Pawtucket 2005 and 2006. He had his own rabid fan club and they have several videos available, if you're interested. Plus 'If They Mated': Joe Rogan and Adam Sandler.
8. Joe Thurston - Dominican Republic? WHAT? I don't understand this it all. I suppose you really never know, dude. (Scott Hairston is Mexican?) (Ichiro is Japanese?!)
9. Kevin Youkilis - When he was on the Sea Dogs, he said the Portland women were ugly. Live, on the radio. Youkilis is not exactly an oil painting, so where does he get off? Oh, yeah, he's a jock. Typical. Youkilis is also a Ramp Champ and a baseball superstar and remarkable athlete.
10. Julio Zuleta - PANAMA! Zuleta played first base for Pawtucket in 2003. Seemed like a good guy.

Okay, Joe Thurston is NOT Dominican. It's just that the Cardinals loaned a few players to the Dominican team. Wow, that makes perfect sense!

Quick note: Hanley Ramirez never played a single game for the PawSox.

(Honorable mention goes to Australian dude Brett Roneberg, who was on the Sea Dogs.)

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