No, I will NOT stop talking about Buffalo!

So I was at a day game in Buffalo, trying to take pictures of Mike Lowell, who was rehabbing. A young man behind me asked, "You got film in that thing?"

When I told him I did, he sniffed and said, "I hate film cameras." Well, hey. My MOM gave me her rather nice "film camera". Not everyone can drop a few hundy on a digital zapper. Okay, kid?

My point is this: Because I'm running out of things to talk about, I'm just going to empty my "Pawtucket" photo file all over you. ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!

PS: I generally don't like shoutouts, but I wanna tell the awesome and lovely woman that works at the place I get my film developed... I'M COMING BACK!!! AND I'M GONNA KEEP MAKING IT RAIN ON YOUR ESTABLISHMENT!!! (I don't know her name, but she's so pretty and sweet.)

Unfortunately, the first clutch of photos are from Buffalo, NY. So what I will do is post one from each end.

The first picture is of the late, great Abe Alvarez having a confab with Wake's new drinking buddy George Kottaras. Joe Thurston is in the background, thinking about the government. The second photo is Charlie Zink tossing squishy balls into the crowd after the Very Last PawSox Game of 2008. He appears to be blurry and wearing jeans.

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