Luke Allen has been giving it a lot of thought.

Luke Allen was a right-fielder type who played in Pawtucket in 2006. He was signed by the Dodgers as an amateur free agent in 1996 (he would have been about 18).

Allen hung out in the Dodgers org. for about four years. He then hit the triple-A circuit in the PCL for a little bit until being signed by Boston in '05.

Allen spent time in both Portland in Pawtucket in '06, but was kind of screwed with favorite son Adam Stern and new hotshot David Murphy being there around the same time. Allen also had an injury or two, including bruised ribs and heart cleavage.

After Pawtucket, Mr. Allen found himself back in double A and back in the Dodgers org, playing in 33 games for the Jacksonville Suns. He struggled and was released. He suffered, died and was buried. On the third day he rose again, playing Can-Am ball for the New Jersey Jackals in 2008!

Luke Allen is currently a free agent. Okay?

two things:
1. Luke Allen had a sweet red bike that he rode to McCoy and parked at the base of the ramp, just inside the doors.
2. His little boy would often sign autographs on the way out, just like dad!
3. LA got himself a taste of Mexico in '07.
4. Luke Allen is not a baby!

I couldn't find a decent photo of Luke Allen to steal. Imagine a pouty guy, 6'2" and blondie... a little on the pudgy side. Harmless looking even though he never smiles. In uniform, with rec-specs and high socks.


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