that same old place that you laughed about

The following Pawtucket Red Sox gents have agreed to one-year deals with Boston:

Devern Hansack
Hunter Jones
Dusty Brown
George Kottaras
Chris Carter
Jonathan Van Every

Mike Bowden and Justin Masterson did, too, but I don't know if they count. I have previously said some not-nice things about Masterson. I feel bad about that. He seems like a good kid.

Charlie Zink has been sent to minor league camp. That's gotta be depressing, especially since he wasn't very good in his appearances. Zink is clearly a man without a country.


Anonymous said...

too much feeling bad!

kick em in the nuts! they deserve it!

Jere said...

Masterson's become my fave Sock. (Even though I just found out he's totally Jesus-ed out--but then again, if he can be so fun-lovin' and laughy and non-cliche-talking-y, and he comes from Jesus roots, well, even better. In fact, he did say something like, "As the son of a pastor it was either be a good Christian or be a rebel, and I like to think I'm somewhere in between.") The point is, I disagree with AK in that Mastadon should be kicked in the testes. He is a breath of fresh proverbial air and a fine hurler. Also, you're the second 'Red Sox organization with focus on younger players written by a female' blog to use a line from the Kotter theme as a post title in the last week or so. See Red Sox Chick. I mean, Toeing the Rubber. I remember the last time you brought up WBK, and I said I could watch it non-stop till eternity, and you said you couldn't. Either way, Ty Cobb's Cheerleaders.