Rich Sauveur is back.

Rich Sauveur will return to McCoy Stadium in 2009, which you already knew but I am reminding you. He is the sexy pitching coach. WHAT?

RS had a few things to say about the kidz:

Hunter Jones: "...I told him when he came off the mound that he looked good. He said he wasn't really happy with the sliders. I said, 'But, the thing was you pitched. They couldn't tell what you were going to be throwing. [In the past] you'd throw fastballs in counts just because you didn't trust your slider. Today you trusted your slider, even though it wasn't the best. But, the thing was they couldn't sit back on the fastball. And he impressed me a lot. I'm very happy with that. And talking with him too out in the outfield during BP, you can tell he's got something to prove also."

Marcus McBeth: "He's a little bit behind but he had a tough winter. But I'll tell you, you sit there and talk to him and he's a great kid and he also wants to do well. He really does. He's not here to get anything free. He's working his butt off. He's ready to go. He threw [Wednesday and Thursday] and he'll throw live BP [Friday], and he's ready to get in a game."

Billy Traber: "I saw Billy last year in Scranton. He struggled a little bit [Wednesday], but it's one of those things, it's his first outing of the spring. He pitched well against us last year, especially in key situations, and that's probably what stuck in my head that there were a couple of situations that we needed some base hits and we didn't get them off him. He can get lefties out. He's got some good stuff. And he can get righties out, too. He's got a good changeup, and as long as he stays down in the zone and he's throwing strikes, he'll do well."

Zink: "I think he can improve on last season and be consistent all the way throughout now. He was consistent most of the time, but down the stretch I want to say there were probably two or three outings where it probably wasn't what he wanted. And I would say if he could be consistent all the way thru (sic), I think he could help Boston if they need a starter just like Bowden did last year. Zink went up and didn't have his best stuff, but that happens. You cannot take anything away from him because of that one game in Boston because the kid pitched well for the PawSox and I'm very happy for that. I want to see him do well. I'm pulling for him, just like I am everybody, but he worked very hard. He had a very good routine, and he stuck to it. Every game, every side work was the same. He wants to pitch in the big leagues. He wants to get back there. I know that. He's another guy that knows he has to prove something."

(Note: Sauveur was a k-baller in his day.)

Full article aqui. Sauveur also talks about guys like Buchholz, Bowden, KJ, but those guys are boring and have been discussed at great length by pros and hos.

By the way, the PawSox new website is terrible and I hate it.

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