9.1.12 Pawtucket v Scranton Wilkes-Barre - The Butler Did It

Pawtucket WINS! 2-0. Which is too bad because there's nothing I like to see more than the Yankees winning every day, all the time. Ha.

Nelson Figueroa was a stand-up guy, pitching eight scoreless innings for the PawSox whilst giving up four hits and a walk. Psssht, anyone could have done that. Figueroa also struck out six Yankees: Guys like Melky Mesa and Darnell McDonald. Good, because Mesa totally douched the PawSox recently.

Starter for the Yankees was large righty Chase Whitley. Whitley pitched four scoreless innings and thought it would be pretty funny to hit Tony Thomas with a pitch. WELL NO ONE'S LAUGHING, MISTER WHITLEY.

The offense is, am, was, are, and be catcher Dan Butler, who hit two solo home runs. I really need to figure out who this guy is. Josh Fields pitched the ninth inning and got the save, so there you go. Pawtucket wins the wild card and the team is playoff bound. The good news is that Boston doesn't seem to be interested in seizing any of the players. The bad news is that they still have Rich Hill and Ciriaco and Gomez. Middlebrooks, Schmiddlebrooks!

Sorry, IronPigs. I really was hoping it would be us...

two things:
1. They gave the Spirit Award to Tony Thomas, who truly deserved it. Didn't Jeff Natale win it once? Bubba Bell? Something...

2. Wow, this game was zippy: Two hours and fifteen minutes! Why do I never go to these games?

3. Hazelbaker doubled, Jonathan Hee got two hits.

4. Joe McDonald tells you all about it: "As the veteran Figueroa put it, the players on this team have done a lot of "ego swallowing" with so many of their former PawSox teammates getting called to the big leagues. "You realize how much it took to get here, so we're very appreciative of it," he said. "This will not be the only taste of champagne we have."

5. Bryce "Gumbo" Brentz is on the team now. He may or may not be the same guy as Bryson Brentz.

THIS AFTERNOON! Last game of the series... No, penultimate, sorry. No starters have been announced, but perhaps we'll see, say, Andy LaRoche on the hill for the Red Sox. I'd like to see Rich Sauveur pitch, since he talks the talk BUT CAN HE WALK THE WALK?! YOU THINK IT'S SO EASY WHY DON'T YOU DO IT?!

I'll see you on Labor Day at the park. Oh, crap, that's tomorrow? Yes, I'll see you then... Tonight, you know where I'll be.


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