Yup. That's pretty much what I expected to see.

The Durham Bulls ballpark is really nice. And, O! The beer! So many to try!

Pawtucket seemed listless and way overmatched. Game was essentially over in the third inning. Or even the second. Bryce Brentz couldn't catch, Figueroa couldn't pitch, no one seemed to be able to hit.

But there was one member of the Pawtucket Red Sox that was hella sharp, energetic, on their game, firing on all cylinders and going completely gorilla. And that was Paws. Paws came with his A-game and that certain post-season joie de vivre that is so important on the field. Superlative work, Paws!

And then it rained.

I'll be home tomorrow.


Mud Hens Nancy said...

...and now the season really IS over

Chris W. said...

Sorry I wasn't able to get to the game. All reports were that game wasn't all that interesting and the weather was ugly. Too bad. We could have tried out some of the local beers. Maybe next year.
The Governors' Cup is the trophy that really matters, however. Congratulations on winning it.