5.13.06: Oakland A's @ Yankees - Wow, there sure are a lot of Yankees fans here.

Saturday I got up disorientingly early and drove to Stamford, CT (which, sadly, looks like it's either deteriorating or failing at being a destination city) so I could go to Yankee Stadium for an A's game.

I thought I was all over hating the Yankees. I think I thought wrong. I think I thought I saw you try. I almost projectile vomited when what's-his-name hit a three run homer in the first inning.

Since we got to there so very early, we decided to get the hell away from the park and find somewhere to eat, completely forgetting that it was still a time where people are eating scrambled eggs and such. Fortunately, I ell-oh-vee-ee breakfast and was pleased with my modest omelette and home fries. Hash browns are for whores.

Our seats were decent and loge-style. The park was not full. Which is funny because when I tried to buy tix for that game through the Yankees, it was sold out. You cannot tell me that 3,000 people changed their minds and decided not to go. Or can you? Anyway, I'll say this for the people in my general area: mellow. Yankees fans seem to be more Just Folks than Boston fans. People like me.

Oakland lost, in spite of coming very close to tying it in the 9th. Tanyon Sturtze sucked 5 kinds of ass and was deservedly booed. Barry Zito, who did not start, was in full view before the game, prancing around in his baseball capris and signing autographs. Oh You Kid.

And Eric Chavez, who DH'd, was a flailing mess. He was...gosh, what's the word?... whifftastic! Yeah! It's not too much of an exaggeration to say that he cost them the game. Oooh, burn!

I have a few pictures but I don't feel like messing with that, son. I had a great time and I hope you did, too.


Phlip said...

Post the damn pix. :P

So the fans were "mellow?" I gotsta go down there to see for myself.

Kim said...

Hashbrowns for whores? Whatchoo talkin' 'bout? I could eat buckets of them. Call me a hashwhore. I'll proudly take the label.