6.11.06: Pawtucket Red Sox v. Syracuse Sky Chiefs - Tewks!

This game was awesome for so many reasons.

Firstly, Pawtucket WINS 8-4, proving once again that I know absolutely nothing. You see, once I caught wind that the Sky Chiefs starter was a hulking blonde lefty (David Purcey) I was sure they'd never be able to scratch out any runs against him. Ha.

Jon "Short Time" Lester got the start for Pawtucket and went five innings, 6 K's, no walks, 6 hits and 2 runs. He was relieved by Breslow (3 innings, 2 K's, no walks, 2 hits, NO RUNS). Jermaine Van Buren pitched the ninth and looked horseshit. C'est la merde! Syracuse got 2 runs off him but, hell, we won anyway so JVB's off the hook.

The aforementioned Purcey couldn't get out of the third inning. I don't know this guy's story but he pitches like he's a first-timer at Arthur Murray's School of Dance. He was all, "One and stretch and two and coil and arm up and release and four". So Tallet comes in and he's that freaky sideburnsy guy I saw pitch in Toronto about two weeks ago. Remember? Remy was wondering if he was into Civil War re-enactments. Yes, Tallet. Gave up a run.

But the best part of the Syracuse bullpen was Ben Weber. I was so excited when I saw him. I was really hoping I'd get to see him pitch and I did. He doesn't throw very hard these days, but as all aging relievers do, he got wiley. Just changing speeds and location and still very effective and still very ugly. Excellent vein-popping relief pitcher face. You should just see him... he's awesome. I love you, BW.

Offense: I am no longer Jeff Bailey's Jinx. First at-bat: yard. Second at-bat: yarder.

RodNye also went yard and made another neat-o play at third. Eternally darling A. Machado tripled in the 8th but didn't get batted in. Triples rule. Triples are cooler than home runs.

Ken Huckaby stole a base. No, seriously.

Former Pawtucket Good Guy Luis Figueroa doubled in the 9th off a very sloppy Van Buren. No real offensive standouts, but Ben Weber!

Clean-up, MRR style:
1. As I mentioned in my previous post, some interesting McCoy attendees. Abe Alvarez was charting pitches tonight and again I wonder, do they get a little extra $$ for doing this? It looks totally boring and tedious. Or is it some form of punishment?
2. Mike Bumatay's license plate says "4BOOMRS", which is so cheesy I could ralph.
3. The between-innings music coordinator played a Buzzcocks song. The Buzzcocks and My Bloody Valentine at a baseball game. I must write this person a thank you letter.
4. I think I almost caught a glimpse of some gruel-thin sunshine. I tried calling the sun today, but all I got was the machine.
5. Jerry Kapstein was in the house. I'm telling you, something is going down.
8. The Sky Chiefs jackets are FLY. I am going to try and buy one off of a marginal player. God knows these kids need cash. You HAVE to see their jackets.

I'll be at the game tomorrow night where I usually sit.


Kim said...

Wow, that's some impressive music. Since DiNardo started pitching in Boston, Fenway fans have delighted in The Pixies. That's the coolest thing I think I've heard there since Foulke's Danzig music (which I believe Millar put him up to). Balances out that terrible "Play Ball" country crap and Toto's "Africa."

Phlip said...

Yeah WTF with Toto's "Africa" at Fenway? They play some unusual stuff there. And you can always hear "Sweet Caroline" echoing all through the 'hood.