Seems like old times.

You know, I look back at the games... the summers... and I think, where the fuck was I getting the money to spend on tickets? Like, hello, we'd just head up to the park with twenties crammed into our pockets and buy from scalpers. It's just so funny to me now. And Lucky calling me at work and just saying, "I blacked out... I don't know what happened... I used my emergency MasterCard."

And we always seemed to get pretty good seats! We always found ways. Behind home plate, on the Monster, in Manny's House. It was easier back then, in the BeforeTime, in the Long Long Ago.

Then came Curt Schilling and 2004 and now it's 200 dollars just for Grandstand.

I've been neglecting the PawSox away games but they're back at home now and I'll be at the park.


Anonymous said...

My galbladder is all f*cked up! :)

Jenks said...

Dude, that sucks. Heard you had a trip to the ER. Get well!