5.23.06: P-Sox v. Louisville Bats - The Cabbage Incident

Pawtucket WINS! 2-1

The Hee-Seop Choi Contingent was STRONG this evening. I'm talking signs and chanting and clapping... "CHE HEE-SEOP! CHE HEE-SEOP!" I don't know if Mr. Choi's close, personal friends were sitting behind us, but by the end of the game, most of Section 1 was chanting along. Hee-Seop, however, chose to ignore us.

It was a typical Pawtucket line-up: Stern leading off, followed by Pedroia, Calloway, and Choi. Machado is still stashed down at the bottom of the order, but I can't imagine that Huckaby's doing much better. Switch-hitting Enrique Wilson played third tonight.

John Lester started for Pawtucket and was not terribly crisp.... 5 innings, 3 K's, 4! walks, 2 hits, 1 earned run.

Tim Bausher was surprisingly good for the 6th and 7th innings, aside from hitting Gutierrez with a pitch. Manny Delcarmen was flakey but ultimately successful in the 8th. Jermaine Van Buren heaved the ball at the catcher in the 9th with great results. Uno, dos, tres!

RHP Joe Mays started for Louisville. Remember him? From the Twins? Aside from the two runs in the first inning, he was decent. Or maybe he was only mediocre. Pawtucket's still not big in the scoring runs department.

Ron I. Calloway, who I was entirely wrong about, drove in Sterno and Pedro in the first inning for what turned out to be the only runs Pawtucket needed. Adam Stern also hit a triple, and YKHIFAT. Pedroia was 3-3 with a walk.

Remember Andy Abad? Earl Snyder? Well, the two of them are aging rapidly and playing in the Cincinatti system! Abad walked. That's it. Earl Snyder walked. That's it. Nice to see you boys again. Ray Olmedo's picture on the jumbo screen is darling. He laughs like Buddha.Chris Denorfia drove in the only run for the Bats.

Luke Allen report: Luke Allen is "on" the "disabled" "list". If Ramiro Mendoza taught me one thing, it's this: the disabled list is crammed with more bullshit than a Texas rodeo.

And now, Idiots:

1. The Pawsox scorecard is altered slightly, to provide helpful pronunciations of the players' names. "Bausher (BOW- as in take a BOW-sure)"
2. I thought I'd be a cool kitty and get the tickets ahead of time and surprise everyone. When I went to see KP, she'd already gotten the tix. And hers were better. I gave mine to a sweet family of four just because I'm keeping it real.
3. I bought beer from Bob C, my former boss at McCoy. I have to give him credit - he managed to keep control of a dozen restless and occasionally difficult kids for an entire summer. He's a good guy.
4. Today I picked up my original commemorative Longest Game poster, which I'd dropped off to be framed. It looks bitchin'. I also went and got bagels from Mr B's in Seekonk. Mr B. occasionally slips me a few extra bagels, so I have to give him a shout-out. Not to mention the bagels are the best around, which is why I drive all the way to Seekonk to get them.

I'll be at the park Thursday and Friday and Saturday! And maybe Sunday! Tomorrow night I'm sending one of my minions.

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