5.2.06: Paw @ Ottawa - Abe leaves 'em loaded.

Pawtucket Red Sox WIN 5-3

Abe Alvarez got the start and went "6.1" innings. I object to the use of 6.1 to mean 6 1/3. It's mathematically inaccurate, although I suppose baseball might be opting to use an alternate decimal system. One not based on tens. But then, shouldn't they reconfigure all player statistics such as ERA and Batting using this system? I don't like it.

Seven hits and three earned runs, two of which were allowed to score when Bausher took over in the 7th. Geez, Baush, have a heart. Van Buren got the save. Abe's 4-0 now, 2.55 ERA. I just absolutely love Alvarez. And as far as him being somewhat of a space cadet... come on. He's from California.

Cory Morris (0-3) ruined the hopes and dreams of Lynx fans everywhere, including the 772 people at the park. Christ. Hey, Baltimore, get your AAA team the hell out of Ottawa. And step on it.

Machado is finally heating up! He's still batting ninth but he had a triple and a HR in this game. He also played left field for unknown reasons. I need to get on the horn with RJ.

Coming up: Sky Chefs reheat the rivalry.

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