KP's story.

I truly love KP. She's such a great friend and a success at love and humanity. She's also one of the grittiest and most dedicated players on our team.

Anyhoo, I ran into KP after the game today and she informed me that she, too had been at the park. Damn it! It never would have crossed my mind that she'd have been there. There we were, each of us sitting by ourselves at opposite ends of the park.

She told me a hilarious story.. it seems an infielder was blowing her kisses during the game and then later approached her and asked if she'd driven to the park. He told her to meet him at a specific place in the park after the game and she agreed to do it... except she didn't. KP has a boyfriend. She slipped out after the game and did not hook up with cutie-pie.

She was pretty surprised by the whole thing even though she was admittedly encouraging it. In her words, "I KNOW he must have seen me shoving fries into my mouth..."

This is the second player in Pawtucket that's tried macking on KP. The first one was last year during the Hot Stove party... the guy was signing autographs at the time. He's now in the majors and doing very well.


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