Keep Boston out of Pawtucket!

It has become increasingly apparant to me that Boston does not give a rat's ass about the Pawtucket Red Sox as a competitive team in their league. I see the visiting franchises and there's such a huge difference in the way their teams are run. These teams, for the most part, want to win.

I don't see that in Pawtucket. What I see is a Petri dish of player and prospect development. I see them focused on guys like Lester and Murphy and screw everyone else on the team. Rodney Nye? Come on! KEN FREAKING HUCKABY? It's filler like this that's got Pawtucket firmly lodged in mediocrity as a few shooting stars take precedence over the team being successful. And winning.

Last night, I saw the Tidewater Tides making great use of their bullpen. And I was jealous. I'd LOVE for them to be my local team.

I love the Pawtucket Red Sox, and as I've said before, it sucks that they're not a team you can root for as a whole (unless you're a child). It's become a place for Boston Red Sox fans to cheaply see marquee players rehabbing or hot hot hot prospects.

I want them to be a good team. I want to know that Ron Johnson does not feel handcuffed by Boston's regimens and guidelines for the players. I want them to be MY home team that I can root for. I want a little love for Jeff Bailey and Marc Deschenes!

Maybe I'll write a letter to the paper. Or Jerry K. This is going to be my ongoing summer bitch topic.


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