Work it, Burkett!

I must confess: I was a Burkett fan. Sure, he was a ball-scuffing geezer by the time he got to Boston, but I thought he was a cool kitty. And... okay, I thought he was hot. Not much of a starting pitcher, but I dug him.

We all pretty much assumed Billy Bob Burkett would be bowling after he retired, and we assumed correctly. I think it's a perfect fit for him.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, I miss Burkett and I don't know why. Maybe I just miss alicia's turkey-like impression of him.

Jenks said...

As you know, I loved Burky. There's a great scene in "Still, We Believe" where he's drinking a beer but kind of trying to hide it behind a soda can. I rewound it and watched it like ten times. It's hilarious.