5.30.06: PawSox v. Tidewater Tides - Lima Time!

Tides WIN! 3-2

Pawtucket is offensively offensive. Not one player is batting anywhere near .300... even Choi is just mustering a .252. They just cannot score runs and it's really killing them. They should not have lost this game. The Tides relief was weird and shaky and yet the batters could not take advantage of this. It's sort of pissing me off. Anyway...

I attended all four games of the Louisville Bats visit. Pawtucket split the series and that's all I have to say. I didn't write anything about it because I was suffering from a near-fatal case of ennui and laziness and the games were almost social occasions. I'd gotten used to attending the games by myself, but I think my constant yammering about my adventures at McCoy has sparked some interest in people I know. Nowadays, everytime I turn around someone's saying to me, "Hey, guess where I went last night?"

But enough about me. Dustan "Dustin Moore" Mohr is back in my neighborhood, and you can just about see the tender light of joy in his eyes. More on Mohr later. He batted 4th in the lineup. David Murphy, who is exciting these days, batted second. The remainder of the 9? The usual Pawtucket detritus. Oh, except Pedroia, who's been one of the better Sox. Choi did not play.

Trent Durrington played an uncomfortable third base.

Jimmy Serrano started for Pawtucket. Who the hell is this guy? He's really one of the least interesting pitchers I've seen in Pawtucket for a long time. At least Deschenes has intense, ice-blue eyes. Two runs over six innings, blah blah blah. That Kid From EP pitched a pair and gave up an unearned run. Hertzler. Yay and such.

And now, Lima Time! Jose Lima pitched for Norfolk and I was so excited. He did a great job, admittedly against hapless minor leaguers with noodle bats. And he is still psycho, hollering at his infielders, at the umps... and what is it with him and Dustan Mohr? He walked him three straight times and exchanged words with him. Perhaps an old grudge? But, yeah, Jose Lima! In Pawtucket! And I didn't bring my camera! And I sat right above the visitors dugout! I'm so stupid!

Lima pitched 6 innings, and then Norfolk ran like their entire bullpen out there... it was almost as if they wanted to win. It's a different organizational philosophy, I think. Old Pawtuckian Juan Perez showed up as a LOOGY in the 7th. Juan Perez is a doll and such. Some kid (Mike Adams)who had the loose threads of the former player's name on his jersey pitched like a frightened rook in the 8th and was sort of adorable. He wasn't on the Tides roster so I have no further information. Lefty Royce Ring got the save for Norfolk.

Lastings Milledge did not play, damn it. I did see Tagg Bozied and Chris Basak. And Offerman, who is inexplicably still in O.B. Basak hit a nice triple for himself.

Luke Allen Report: Luke Allen is still injured or something. He sits in the dugout in his weird librarian glasses and looks pudgy. This may be the final Luke Allen report, as he is not terribly interesting.

The P-Sox have split town for a spell, but they'll be back... hey, they're not coming back until June 9th! Oh my god, it's too much pressure!

Rock Bottom Remainders:
1. Lima Time!
2. Friends of visiting players are awful, especially their stupid jockhead buds from back home. I love how they hang over the railing and shout, "BRA! Where we goin' after?!"
3. I sat near some of Lima's crew. I knew something was up because normally you don't see people THAT wealthy at McCoy. They were pretty funny, giving Offerman the business.
4. Some Mets kids sat behind me. College age and rich and sort of awful. One guy was talking about breaking into someone's apartment and he said that if you're stealing a TV, make sure you take the remote, too, because otherwise you can't sell it. That is genius.

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