5.8.06: PAW @ Rochester Red Wings:" I desire... macaroni pictures."

Rochester WINS 9-4

Marc Deschenes renounces his loveliness and gives up 9 runs in 4. Hey, you can't be funny all the damn time!

Finicky, finessey Henry Bonilla gets the win for the Red Wings, but probably would not have if Marky D. hadn't blown it all over the place (4 runs through 5). Come to think of it, this year's PawSox have not exactly been a runs-producing team, so they probably would have lost anyway. I'm just sayin'. Bonilla has the distinction of being the guy who pitched the opening day game at McCoy. I wish I could remember more about him... oh, just read this.

Not much Pawtucket offense (surprise)... Enrique Wilson had a couple of hits. Nye and Wilson with their 4 RBI comprised the runs scored. I like R. Nye. To my admittedly unschooled eye, he looks like a good fielder.

Luke Allen report: Luke Allen grounded into a double play.

And what did I tell you about Rochester SS Jason Bartlett? This koo-koo kid was 4-4!

Tonight's game was rained out and I'm getting all anxious because I don't know if I'm going to be able to go to any games aside from Friday and it's going to be raining all week and I'm FIENDING! Tomorrow'll be a double header and I have to work, obviously. Nuts.

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