5.15.06: PAW v. S/W-B RB's - Game Two!

Pawtucket WINS! 4-0

Game two was definitely the better half. Game one could quite possibly have been the dullest game ever recorded, a let's-just-get-this-in affair. Sorry, Jimmy Serrano.

Craig Hansen started this one. I do not understand this move one bit. Does he even have a starter's repertoire? Last I knew, he didn't. That being said, he did well... 4 innings, no walks, 4 K's, 5 hits, no runs. Also, Craig Hansen isn't exactly an oil painting, but he looks a lot better in person. He got a lot of love from his teammates and RJ. And you know what? I love Ron Johnson. I wish Ron Johnson was my friend in real life. I'm going to meet him soon.

Breslow pitched the 5th and 6th and did very well. Manny Delcarmen put a cap on the night. He got his hair braided and he looks very handsome. I like Delcarmen and I'd like to see him succeed, if not for the Red Sox then for another major league team.

Big Jim Crowell started for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons. Christ, that is one unwieldy team name. He gave up half the runs. Then Dan Giese, a legitimate prospect, came in and gave up the other two.

Hee-Seop Choi tripled in the first, and you know how I feel about triples. Okay, they're not always better than HR's. In the 2nd, Machado stretched a single into a double on an error, and Enrique Wilson ran all the way home from first. I was not alone in finding that hilarious. Just the fact that Enrique Wilson is playing in Pawtucket is reason enough to get the giggles.

Did you know that McCoy Stadium also has a Green Monster? Yep, except it's 1/10 the size and occupies the space behind home plate. Catcher Ken "Jeter Smasher"Huckaby crept up the wall Torii Hunter-style to catch a pop-up in the 2nd and it delighted his teammates.

Luke Allen report: Luke Allen did not play in Game 2, but instead sat on the bench and moped for the entire 7 innings.

John Lester made a brief appearance in the stands. Don't know what that was about. He took a few notes then split. Also, has anyone seen Tyler Minges? Did he die? Why don't I know this?

And that's it! Pawtucket has left the building for a week-long road trip. I'll try and keep everyone posted.

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