Getting to know Adam Bernero

Adam Bernero was a member of the Pawtucket Red Sox in 2007. On paper. In reality, he underwent Tommy John surgery and missed the season.

Let's take a closer look at our friend Adam:

1. He's a former Armstrong Atlantic State Pirate! Yeah! Wait, what?
2. Came up with the Tigers. Made his big league debut in June of 2000.
3. From the great law book "Sports and Courts: An Introduction to Principles of Law and Legal Theory Using Cases from Professional Sports" by Frederick J Day:
"Adam Bernero...signed his original contract with the Tigers' organization on a napkin at a Denny's restaurant in Florida... Tigers scout Gary York was well aware that other teams were also interested in signing Bernero once his college career ended. For that reason, York hoped to have Bernero sign a Tigers contract immediately after his last collegiate game. York planned to watch the game, return to his hotel room to pick up his briefcase, and then take Bernero to dinner to obtain his signature on a contract.
Unfortunately for York, Bernero's final college game ended close to midnight. With the formal Tigers' contract back at his hotel, York had to improvise. He followed Bernero and the rest of the Armstrong Atlantic State team to a Denny's restaurant for a quick post-game meal. At the restaurant, York grabbed a napkin and scribbled out the terms of a basic agreement. The written words stated that 'the hereby player, Adam Bernero, agrees to the terms of [Bernero's annual salary] with the Detroit Tigers professional baseball club." Bernero and York both signed the napkin... A year later, and by then a member of the Tigers' starting rotation, Bernero mused "It makes me wonder sometimes if it was valid at all. But I am here now so I don't care."
4. Has declared free agency.
5. On October 9th, AB visited Forward Operating Base Kalsu to boost morale and sign squishy baseballs for military folk. He went with Mike Remlinger and Turk Wendell. Wow, quite the triumverate of pitching.
6. As far as I can tell, not a great pitcher. Especially not in Atlanta.

This has been yet another in a series of profiles of players no one cares about.

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