Providence Bruins: A Possibility

Last night I went to a Providence Bruins game. They're analogous to the Pawtucket Red Sox, but with ice skates instead of cleats.

It's weird to see hockey jerseys and rowdy fans downtown. It's like going to the Diamond Rodeo in Warwick and seeing a bunch of New Englanders line-dancing and wearing cowboy boots. If you think S&M factory loft swingers are the freakiest subculture in town, you're so fucking wrong it hurts.

Hockey might be my favorite off-season sport. I don't fully understand the fighting, though. It seems like these guys are truly and viciously scrapping on the ice. Not like the tender mound embraces of baseball, where the players whisper sweet things to each other as they grapple in the infield.

The Providence Bruins won the game, 5-2. Very exciting. During the third period, Providence goalie Jordan Sigalet (Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld) suddenly fell face-first onto the ice. I didn't notice right away because the action was at the Worcester Sharks' goal. It's not like Sigalet was knocked out or crashed into. He just suddenly passed out. He got backboarded and transported and I guess he's okay. He's got MS but I don't know if that was a factor.

If anybody wants to go to a Providence hockey game with me, I would love that. When I return to Iowa, my sister and I are going to hit an Iowa Stars game or two. YES.

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